Dear Reader,

Firstly welcome to F1yarn. This site will cover all things F1 related and is an avenue for fans to view their opinion and debate the diverse aspects of the sport. I encourage debate, and I encourage your point of view – all of which I will read and digest but most of all respect.

While obviously following the races and seasons as they progress the prodominant purpose of this site is not to be a F1 news site. Yes, I will publish results of races and news as it comes to hand but focus will be more on subjects of discussion. Anything and everything F1 related will be written about and you will have the opportunity to voice your opinion on any story that surfaces on this website.

I would like to make it very clear from the beginning that I do not attend any races. The race that I see is the race that you see – on TV. While obviously desireable to attend all races and report from the scene to me it just doesn’t make sense. The first reason is clearly from a monetary perspective. I work fulltime and no income or expenditure will arise from this website. The main reason however is I just don’t see the point of it. Yes attendance means you get to walk down pitlane and interview drivers but the media views the race from the media centre on TV (like you and I), and in todays age of facebook, twitter youtube etc both the big news and small news is circulated within seconds around the world and is easily accessible.

Input, compliments, suggestions – I welcome them all. There is no set structure as to how I will run this site. I will try to publish something everyday, and will reply whenever I can. 




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